Thursday, October 28, 2004

Even the Economist Magazine Endorsed Kerry

Even Economist Magazine, not know for being liberal by any stretch of the imagination endorsed John Kerry for President.

"Switching from its 2000 endorsement of President Bush, the Economist endorses Kerry for President in its upcoming issue. After writing that Bush changed the Iraq regime "so incompetently," the editors write that Kerry has "been forthright about the need to win in Iraq, rather than simply to get out, and will stand a chance of making a fresh start in the Israel-Palestine conflict and (though with even greater difficulty) with Iran. After three necessarily tumultuous and transformative years, this is a time for consolidation, for discipline and for repairing America's moral and practical authority. Furthermore, as Mr Bush has often said, there is a need in life for accountability. He has refused to impose it himself, and so voters should, in our view, impose it on him, given a viable alternative. John Kerry, for all the doubts about him, would be in a better position to carry on with America's great tasks."


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Economist is liberal. I guess you've never read it.

Dingo said...

No, actually it is not. You may think it is liberal because it is intelligently written, but it is very fiscally conservative. If you really think the Economist is Liberal, you probably also think the National Review is moderate.