Friday, October 15, 2004

Tom DeLay Attacks Own Party Members

Tom Delay is such a megalomaniac, he is willing to even send his henchmen out to attack his own party members in an attempt to seek revenge for recent admonishments for bribery, influence peddling, and campaign finance issues.

The Hill Oct. 13th - House ethics committee Chairman Joel Hefley (R-Colo.) said last week that Republican lawmakers have threatened him in the wake of his panel's recent admonishments of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). Asked what response he has received from House Republicans since two ethics committee admonishments were issued in a span of seven days, Hefley said, "I've been attacked; I've been threatened." However, Hefley would not reveal who or how many of his colleagues had threatened him, or what retaliation had been threatened.

This demands immediate action. How can we trust anything in this government when the House Majority Leader can threaten Ethics Committee Chair. Tom Delay completely undermines the credibility of the government.

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