Monday, October 25, 2004

Porter Goss and Another Bush Distortion

Many of you may have seen the latest ad by Bush/Cheney called "wolves" with attacks Kerry and the "liberals" for proposing cuts in intelligence spending back in the mid 90's. What the ad fails to mention is that Bush's appointee to head the CIA. Porter Goss, proposed cuts 3 times bigger that the "liberals" did in 1995. Porter Goss cuts were not only triple that of the "liberals," but it also specifically targeted the "human intelligence" that has recently been found lacking. So Bush attacks Kerry and the "liberals" for proposed cuts while he touts Porter Goss who proposed bigger cuts.

Hmm...Does that mean Porter Goss is a "liberal" or just weak on terrorism? Looks like the wolves aren't the problem since we have a fox guarding the hen house. (Link)

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