Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bush Blames Defect for Flu Shot Shortage

Now, I am not specifically blaming the flu vaccine shortage on bush, but let's really look at the issue...

1) The Bush administration outsourced the job to England (the government, not private sector has control over this).

2) Now that the company he outsourced it too can't fulfill its obligations, he want to get it from Canada. But wait, isn't it Bush won't allow seniors to import Canadian drugs because they are "not safe." He claims as soon as they determine if Canadian drugs are safe, he'll let them into the country. If it takes him another 4 years to determine the flu vaccine quality, it looks like a lot of people will be getting sick this year.

3) Bush says, "if you are not at risk, just don't get a shot this year." Wow! Sounds like government rationing to me. Didn't he claim this is what Kerry's health care plan would do?

4) Now, the government is threatening to prosecute doctors who give shots to not-at-risk people. Sounds kind of like government control to me. Yet another claim Bush made against Kerry. Rationing and a big government take over... Hmmm.

Yet another instance of Bush's record not matching his rhetoric.

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