Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Treasury Secretary John Snow Lying for the Prez

Bush's Treasury Secretary John Snow is as out of touch with reality as his boss. Speaking to a Republican group in Ohio, Snow said, "Claims like the one that Bush will be the first President to end a term with fewer jobs than when he started are nothing more than 'myths.'" and then further claimed the "projected 5.4 trillion dollar budget surplus Bush inherited from the Clinton administration and allegedly squandered was nothing more than a 'mirage.'" This is in direct contrast to the But he made no direct reference to the Labor Department's payroll survey, generally considered the most reliable measure, which showed 2.6 million jobs lost from January 2001 to August 2003 and only 1.8 added back since then.

The transcripts of the interview stopped there, but I hear that he also claimed that the Apollo landing was a "Hollywood hoax" and that Elvis was alive and well, living in Hawaii with Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Either Snow is a liar, or completely clueless. Either one is scary enough.

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