Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bush and the Black Congressional Caucus

Kerry mistakenly claimed Bush "hasn't met with the Black Congressional Caucus" made up of 39 African-American members of the House.

Bush, in fact, met with members of the caucus after they paid an impromptu visit to the White House to discuss the crisis in Haiti and refused to leave until the president met with them. According to Ellijah Cummings, Democratic Maryland Reprehensive, the Caucus boarded a bus and was met at the White House by Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. The Caucus was told that the president was not on the premises, but miraculously showed up 15 minutes later when the Caucus informed the White House that they would not leave until they met with the president.

So, Bush was right... but also wrong. The CBC should not have to force their way into a meeting with the president.

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