Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Why Can't They All be More Like Clarence Thomas

The AP wire story by Ron Jenkins is reporting that Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for Senate in Oklahoma, not only has a history of medical improprieties, but also will stoop to race baiting to win the election. A TV ad run by his campaign talks about welfare payments. While this is a typical talking point for Republicans, this ad only has African-American and Hispanic hands reaching out for handouts. There are no white hands present at all. That is a little odd since whites make up 35-40% of welfare recipients nationwide. I can't find specific numbers for Oklahoma, but since the state is 76% white (higher than the national average) and Oklahoma's poverty rate is 14.7% (also higher than the national average), I am guessing the numbers of white hands in that ad should have been at a least half if not more.

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