Monday, October 11, 2004

George Bush Introduces the New WMD Thought Doctrine

George Bush has now redefined the justification to use pre-emptive force to protect America. This, coupled with the fact that he cannot or will not admit to any mistakes and would do everything exactly the same, should scare the hell out of Americans. Now, a country need not have WMDs anymore. They need not be actively trying to get them. For Bush, all a country has to do is think about building WMDs and we are justified to invade. That begs the question then, who is next? Beyond the fact that Iran, North Korea are on the verge of building nukes, how many nations have thought about WMDs? I am sure there are plenty of nations who have thought about trying to get WMDs. Syria, Indonesia, Sudan, etc., I am sure have all thought about the possibility of WMDs. If I was the leader of a smaller nations, I would think about it, too. Using his new justification after Duelfer and every other report has undermined his initial rational, thought is enough for a pre-emptive attack. So, under the Bush doctrine, we should invade them all. And since, according to him, he is infallible, he would rush into war with too little troops and no plan for peace. How many times does he have to screw up before the American people say enough is enough, we need someone with a brain and humility? Not only is Bush "that guy" who refuses to pull over and ask for directions when he is lost, he will just change the destination to fit his mistakes. I could easily see him starting off for a family vacation to Orlando and ending up at the largest ball of yarn in Tulsa, claiming that was his plan the entire time. Too bad there is no On-Star in the oval office.

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